Class A First Aid Kits, KR615-011 and KR615-015

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Class A First Aid Kits, KR615-011 and KR615-015 Details:


* Made in the USA
* Class A Compliant
* OSHA Compliant
* Meets ANSI Standard Z308.1-2015
* Refillable
* Wall mountable
* Portable Available in plastic or metal case
* Indoor/outdoor (K615-011, Poly White)
* Water resistant (K615-011 Poly White)


This lightweight portable Class A First Aid Kit is available in both metal and plastic versions and meets or exceeds ANSI Standard Z308.1-2015 for OSHA requirements. Suitable for many environments including small offices, churches, homes, vehicles and venues where people are at risk of common injuries. This first aid kit is considered indoor/outdoor and water resistant (K615-011, Poly White).

For higher risk work areas and environments please refer to one of our Class B First Aid Kits

Also, available to order as refill only (KR615-015) for convenience and affordability.

Additional Supplemental Supplies (K615-007) also available and listed under the Kit Contents section.

Kit Contents

*1 R210-006 607 Certi-Strips – Plastic 1” x 3” 16/unit
*1 R211-033 636 Triangular Bandage – W/Pins 40” x 40” x 56” 3/unit
*1 R211-011 637 Certi-Gauze Pads 3” x 3” 4/unit 1
*1 R213-011 663 Certi-Sporyn – Antibiotic Cream 1g 10/unit
*1 R213-038 675 Antiseptic BZK Towelettes 5” x 7” 10/unit
*1 R213-033 735 Hand Sanitizer 1g 10/unit
*1 R214-008 676 Eye Pads – 4 Certi-Tape – 4 Oval/Strips 8/unit
*1 R515-081 645 Certi-Burn Cream 1g 10/unit
*1 R216-082 816 Gloves – Nitrile Large 2/pair
*1 R270-026 CPRotector® – Plastic Bag 5.5” sq.
*1 R505-204 Water Jel Burn Dressing 4” x 4”
*1 R216-033 Cold Pack – Certi-Cool Junior 5” x 7”
*1 R511-017 Eye Wash 1 oz.
*1 R240-030 Certi-Tape 1/2” x 2 1/2 yd.
*1 R211-024 Certi-Gauze Roll 2” x 6 yd.
*1 R237-010 Scissors – Bandage – Red Handle 4”
*2 R231-419 Trauma Pad – Compress 5” x 9”
*1 R234-010 First Aid Facts Guide Book 1

Supplemental Supplies K615-007 (must be added to order)

*Heart Attacks- Aspirin Tablets 2/pkg.
*Clotting Blood – WoundSeal Drop/Pour /3
*Hydration- IXL STICK – Ras/Lem – 0 Sodium Powder 16.9 fl. oz.
*Diabetic- Elovate Slimpak – Cherry 15g /1
*Inflammation- Certi-Profen Tablets – Ibuprofen 2/pkg.
*Topical Anti-Itch- Hydrocortisone Cream – 1% 1g /2
*Antihistamine- Diphen Tablet 1/pkg
*Shock Rescue Blanket – Silver in Plastic Bag 52” x 84” /1

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